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1 posts from February 2015


Meeting Locals in Madrid

By: A. Dulan, Spelman College

This week, after my Tuesday class on campus, I attended the CIEE organized exchange called "Meet and Talk" with Spanish students.  There were snacks and drinks while we mingled with various Spaniards. I spoke to a student from Colombia who wanted to become a lawyer and was studying law and justice. This event took place in the language section of the main library so that CIEE students could meet and exchange emails with university students to meet again for language exchanges. We had to keep switching back and forth between Spanish and English with the help of "conversation questions" that were written on a piece of paper. This facilitated the flow of the dialogue a lot. IMG_1700 IMG_1699 IMG_1710
A couple of days later, on Thursday, I went to a beauty salon near my homestay to have a professional comb my hair. While I was waiting at the salon, I met various clientele and helped the hairdresser with her English. The owner ended offering me a job. I will be teaching English to her and the other girls who work at the salon because they could not communicate with customers who do not speak Spanish. I offered to teach them English free of charge, but they kept insisting that I should be paid for my time.

So far, my time in Madrid has been great!