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1 posts from September 2013


Fall 2013 Orientation- Engineering and Society



This is the second semester for CIEE´s Engineering and Society program at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Students arrived on Saturday, August 31st and completed five days of orientation. We covered subjects such as safety and security, the basics of shared living in Spain and academic registration. The agenda also included riding on public transportation to the Leganés campus where classes are held as well as assistance with academic registration, cultural adaptation, transport passes, cellphone purchase, etc.  Participants also had sufficient free time and could join CIEE staff on some optional walking tours of Madrid city.

Here is the group in front of the tilting bank towers at the Plaza Castilla before we had our tapas night.

NIght Out Madrid

BEC fall 2013

One of the day-long activities was our visit to the medieval 12th century city of Segovia where students could explore the wonders of the Roman Aquaduct, a stone marvel as it was carefully built so that the structure could remain standing (and has done for the past 2000 years) without any special support such as cement, glue, etc. The day tour with a guide also included the participation of our Spanish student network volunteers, a group of Spanish students at the Universidad Carlos III who help guide CIEE students, practice Spanish, and tell them their perspective of the city during our visit to Segovia (for instance, recommending places to eat, desserts to try out, etc.)

Puente Segovia ES group photo

CIEE students also enjoyed the scenic, panoramic views of Segovia as it was a sunny day of a nice 88 degrees fahrenheit.

Steph Cook

This is also the first semester of Universidad Carlos III´s new degree program (in English only) for Energy Engineering. Students enrolled in the fall semester can take coursework in Electrical Power Engineering, Industrial Automation, Machine Mechanic and Thermal Engineering. In addition, a couple of CIEE students in the ES program are completing internships. During the first week, ES students had their placement interviews with Spanish supervisors to secure a semester-long collaboration on projects varying from working on the latest software technology for eco-friendly homebuilding in the Madrid mountain range or analyzing data for olive oil exports to the U.K.

Here is a student completing her interview in Spanish and meeting up with her semester-long supervisor, an architect. Student interns have to complete at least eight hours per week on a project. In the pictures we see the moment where many details are being explained about the home building techniques that are being used for lighting and heating of these newly-built homes.`The student glady accepted this work challenge and is also attending a weekly CIEE academic seminar with a professor as part of this internship course.

Natureback INternship